Founded by highly experienced Digital Marketer Dave Rossborough in 2012, Lightbody Marketing has worked with myriad clients to launch and scale their businesses.


We’ve been lucky enough to work with clients of all shapes and sizes, spanning industries such as online fitness, recreation, eGaming, food trucks, tourism, HVAC, eCommerce, publishing, hospitality, airport security, and much more. Our broad experience in local, national, and international business makes us uniquely positioned to understand your needs.


Dave Rossborough

Owner, Chief Strategist

Dave has been building successful digital businesses since 1998. With extensive experience in agencies and start-ups, he is well placed to understand the unique demands your business faces when launching and scaling online.

His expertise is in full-funnel digital strategy for offline and eCommerce business, including Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, eCommerce, Customer Value Optimization, and Email Marketing.


Experts at Large

We have partnered with the brightest minds across North America to form a cadre of experts across all aspects of digital media.

Graphic Design

Video Production

Motion Graphics

Brand Strategy


Search Engine Marketing


Custom Development

IT Services